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Sony 256GB SF-G TOUGH Series UHS-II SDXC Memory Card

Sony 256GB SF-G TOUGH Series UHS-II SDXC Memory Card

A monolithic construction with high hardness materials have resulted in the world's highest level of bend strength,18 times greater than the SD standard (180 N).
This design eliminates the risk of physical damage and protect the data recorded onto the card, ideal for busy professional photographers even under severe shooting locations.

World's first ribless, no write protection switch design
Removed easy to break parts, such as rib and data protection switch of conventional SD cards, enhances reliability. 

Highest level Waterproof (IPX8*) and dustproof(IP6X*)
Completely sealed with monolithic structure, this card is waterproof (compliant to IPX8) and recorded data is undamaged even if the card is submerged in 5 meters of water for up to 72 hours. Also completely sealed with monolithic structure, the card is dustproof (compliant to IP6X) and keeps out all dust particles, and can be used in severe shooting environment. Even if the card is used in dusty or dirty areas or dropped in mud, it can be washed in fresh water and wiped off to be used again for perfect flexibility.

*IPX8 : This class of 'waterproof performance' is defined in IEC standards, etc. (9 levels, from 0-8) as the highest level, indicating 'the ability to keep water out of the interior even after continued submergence'. (**According to Sony testing using tap water.)

*IP6X: This class of 'dustproof performance' is defined in IEC standards, etc. (7 levels, from 0-6) as the highest level, indicating 'the ability to keep dust out of the interior'.

Shock resistance clears drop tests from 5 meters
The monolithic construction with rock-solid mateials provides shock resistance, withstanding drops test from a height of 5 meters.
This design reduces the risk of damage from dropping when swapping the card out frequently at busy shooting locations.

High Reliability for Professional Photographers
In addition to the world's highest level of durability, this card offers has X-ray proof(ISO7816-1), Magnet-proof, Anti Static, temperature proof, UV Guard, and wide-ranging compatibility with major UHS-II-supporting DSLR and mirrorless cameras.

Sony developed high-speed capture technology to achieve the world's fastest write speed of up to 299MB/s*2. Along with the supporting UHS-II interface, this revolutionary write speed maximizes the burst-shooting capabilities of high-end DSLRs. 

The SF-G series supports the continuous shooting of 241 compressed RAW or 362 JPEG images when shooting by α9*2, which has burst-shooting capability up to 20 frames per second.

Shorter Buffer Clearing Time
Never miss the critical moment
Greatly reduce buffer clearing time with its ultra-fast write speed, you can quickly start another burst shooting. You can shoot the decisive moment even at unexpected photo opportunities.

Dependable High-resolution 4K Video Recording
Capture every moment in stunning detail
With the world's fastest write speed – up to 299MB/s – the SF-G series memory card can record high-quality 4K video.
It supports V90, highest standard of video speed class, UHS speed class 3* and SD speed class 10 formats.

< What is the "Video Speed Class"? >
This is a standard defined by the SD Association for video recording. It guarantees a minimum write speed necessary for video recording. Currently there are five grade (V90, V60, V30, V10, and V6). V90 (Video Speed Class 90), guarantees a minimum write speed of 90 MB/s, and supports stable recording high resolution video such as 4K and 8K.

For fast backups to PC
Quickly transfer high-capacity photo and video files with world‘s fastest read speed up to 300MB/s*2. It’s the perfect solution to drastically improve your workflow efficiency after shooting.
(When transferring with UHS-II supporting MRW-S1 memory card reader.)

MRW-S1:Sony SD Memory Card Reader
Supports UHS-II memory cards and maximizes the high-speed transfer capabilities of the SF-G series memory cards. The MRW-S1 also enables faster backup of large files to a PC via a USB 3.1 Gen 1 interface versus copying through an SD slot.

SD Scan Utility, Flash Memory Checkup Application
Flash memory used in memory cards has a limited number of write cycles because it gradually wears out as data is overwritten repeatedly over time. Once a memory card has reached the limit of write cycles, it is no longer able to accept data for recording, even while shooting.

SD Scan Utility helps you check the condition of your SD memory card. By scanning the flash memory, it tells you whether your SD memory card is working in good condition or is about to reach the limit. Knowing the condition in advance, you can avoid missing your important moment or scene to be recorded.

Compatible with Windows and Mac OS.

Shoot with confidence
Sony Memory Card File Rescue recovers photos and video files that were accidentally deleted*7, including several types of RAW data and 4K XAVC S video files. Available as a free download to Sony memory card customers.
Compatible with Windows.

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  • Brand
  • Type
    Memory Card, SDXC UHS-II
  • Speed
    Read up to 300 MB/s, Write up 299 MB/s
  • Quantity
  • Features
    <ul><li>The World&#39;s toughest SD card</li><li>The World&#39;s fastest SD Card</li><li>Flash Memory Checkup Application, &quot;SD Scan Utility&quot;</li><li>File Recovery Software</li></ul>
  • Capacity


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