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Leica MP 0.72 - Body Only - Silver Chrome Finish

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In Stock

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Leica MP 0.72 - Body Only - Silver Chrome Finish

Leica MP 0.72 - Body Only - Silver Chrome Finish

Leica MP 0.72 Silver

Mechanical perfection. Nothing else.
The Leica MP is a supreme tool. Handcrafted, created for the photographic artist. Designed to deliver the essentials. Focused technology for focused photography, without the distraction of automation. It's for making pictures only a true photographer can see, frame and record. Not a quick fling, but the camera for a lifetime.

Minimalizing to the max
Pared down to the absolute essentials, the Leica MP is intuitive in operation but leaves all the crucial decisions and settings to the photographer. It is the classic, purely mechanical alternative to the Leica M7, a camera that offers added comfort and speed with its electronic shutter and aperture-priority metering system.

The development of the Leica MP incorporates over 50 years of experience. It is the quintessential mechanical range/viewfinder camera. It's an experience you will sense as soon as you hold this masterpiece in your hands.

The Leica MP is ever reliable. It relies solely on the skill of the photographer, and can be operated without batteries. The robust body can withstand the harshest conditions. And its controls are all metal.

The Leica MP is built for long life and lasting value. This is guaranteed by Leica’s commitment to using only the finest materials and the highest precision manufacturing techniques. Time and time again, the Leica MP has proven its dependability under the most averse conditions.

Maximum strength minimalism
The Leica MP’s strong body – crafted exclusively in metal – will withstand the worst conditions without fail, and batteries are only needed for metering. In fact, skilled photographers can ignore the electronics completely. Uncompromising dependability for all occasions.

By definition, photography is writing with light, and the Leica MP enables the photographer to master even the most difficult lighting situations. The camera offers you complete creative control; its selective TTL metering system merely offers supporting data to help you choose the ideal exposure parameters.

Individualism that improves with age
The Leica MP is available in two different body finishes. After years of hard use, when a bit of bright brass begins to show through, it’s a sure sign to savvy photographers that the camera and its owner have shared many memorable experiences.

The essentials:
  • Compact, analog rangefinder system camera
  • Mechanically controlled closure
  • With image field selector
  • With selective light meter
  • Reduced design without Leica logo on the front
  • Leica name on the top

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Physical Characteristics

  • Dimensions
    138mm x 77mm x 38mm
  • Weight Loaded
  • Available Colors


  • Flash Connection
    Hot Shoe
  • Tripod Socket
    standard 1/4 inch

Image Capture

  • Camera Type
  • Film Type Required
    35mm film

Lens Focus

  • Lens Mount
    Leica M bayonet mount.
  • Compatible Lenses
    Leica M lenses from 21-135 mm.
  • Filter
    depends on lens
  • Focal Length
    depends on lens
  • Focus Area Mode
    Manual focus
  • Focusing Distance
    depends on lens

Exposure Imaging

  • Capture Modes
    Manual exposure
  • Exposure Metering System
    Exposure metering through the lens (TTL), selectively with working aperture. Metering principle The light reflected by a metering spot in the center of the first shutter curtain. The metering spot has a diameter of 12 mm and thus corresponds to appro
  • Exposure Metering System
    x. 13% of the full film format or approx. 2/3 of the short side of the applicable bright line frame in the viewfinder. Metering range (for ISO 100/21°) From 0.03 to 125000 cd/m2 at room temperature, normal humi-dity and f/1.0. For ISO100/21° this cor
  • Exposure Metering System
    responds to EV-2 to 20 or f/1 and 4s (Bsetting) to f/32 and 1/1000s. Flashing of the left-hand triangular LED in the viewfinder indicates that the brightness reflected is below the metering range. Metering cell Silicon photodiode with focusing lens t
  • Exposure Metering System
    o the top left behind the bayonet.
  • Shutter Type
    Rubberized cloth focal plane shutter with horizontal movement; extremely quiet. Mechanically controlled.
  • Shutter Speed
    From 1s to 1/1000s in whole increments.B for very long exposures of any duration, (1/50s) for flash synchronisation.


Flash Lighting

  • Flash Mode
    not specified

Viewing Features

  • Viewfinder
    <ul><li>Viewfinder principle Large, bright line frame viewfinder with automatic parallax compensation. Viewfinder optical system with reduced stray light sensitivity and optimum visibility of all bright line frames.</li><li>Eyepiece Calibrated to –0.
  • Viewfinder
    5 dpt. Correction lenses from –3 to +3 diopter available. Bright line frames activated in pairs: for 28 and 90 mm, 35 and 135 mm or 50 and 75 mm. Automatically displayed when the lens is mounted. The preview selector can be used to display each of th
  • Viewfinder
    e pairs of frames. Alternative bright line frame configurations are available as part of the Leica a la carte range.</li><li>Parallax compensation The horizontal and vertical difference between the viewfinder and the lens is automatically compensated
  • Viewfinder
    in line with the current distance setting, i.e. the bright line frame in the viewfinder automatically covers the section of the subject that will be captured by the lens.</li><li>Correlation between viewfinder and film images At the shortest possibl
  • Viewfinder
    e distance setting for each focal length, the bright line frame size corresponds to an image size of approx. 23 x 35 mm. When set to infinity, depending on the focal length between9% (28mm) and 23% (135 mm) more is captured by the film than is shown
  • Viewfinder
    in the corresponding bright line frame.</li><li> Magnification 0.72x (for all lenses). Alternative viewfinder magnifications of 0.85x and 0.58x are available as part of the Leica a la carte range.</li><li>Wide-base rangefinder Split and superposed-im
  • Viewfinder
    age ranger finder displayed as a bright field in the centre of the viewfinder image. Effective measuring basis 49.9 mm (mechanical measuring basis 69.25 mm x viewfinder magnification 0.72x). For the alternative viewfinder magnifications of 0.85x and
  • Viewfinder
    0.58x available as part of the Leica a la carte range, it is 58.9 mm (mechanical measuring basis 69.25 mm x viewfinder magnification 0.85x) and 40.2 mm (mechanical mea-suring basis 69.25 mm x viewfinder magnification 0.58x) respectively.


Included In The Box

  • Accessories
    Carrying strap with non-slip pad (14 312), camera cover with M bayonet (14 195), flash contact shoe connector (14 348) and batteries.

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