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Leica M6 Rangefinder Camera

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In Stock

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Leica M6 Rangefinder Camera

Leica M6 Rangefinder Camera

New analog addition to the Leica M family
For more than 100 years, Leica Camera AG has been a synonym for cameras and lenses with permanent values such as reliability, consistency, and quality. With analog photography experiencing a renaissance – the new Leica M6 represents Leica Camera’s continued commitment to these values.

The Leica M6 from 2022 relies on a modern version of the Leica M rangefinder with a 0.72x magnification. Furthermore, all of its optical surfaces are now coated and thus less sensitive to stray light. The light meter in the latest M6 now shows the correct exposure via a red dot in addition to the two arrow symbols originally used. Additionally, it is equipped with a battery warning indicator. The top cover has also been redesigned: while the cover of the preceding model was made of diecast zinc, it is now milled from solid brass and enhanced with an abrasion-resistant black lacquer. The exposure meter in the M6 measures light via a brightened area on the mechanically controlled cloth shutter. Like the original from 1984, the new edition of the M6 is also adorned with the red Leitz logo.

The M6 remains true to itself and preserves all other typical character traits such as the slanted rewind crank for the film. Handmade in Germany, it is an extremely reliable companion for all those who appreciate the lasting and contemplative nature of analog photography.

  • 0.72x Viewfinder with Coated Glass Surfaces
  • Solid Brass Top Plate Enhanced with Abrasion Resistant Black Lacquer
  • Red Leitz Logo
  • Original M6 Style Packaging
  • User manual is also modeled after the 1984 version
  • New Light Meter Indicator with Battery Warning
  • New Leica M6 Style ISO Dial, Newly Developed with Modern Electronic Components Inside
  • Leather Carrying Strap with Embossed LEICA lettering
  • New Black Leatherette with Leica M6 Typical "MADE IN GERMANY" Embossing
  • Made in Germany

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Physical Characteristics

  • Available Colors
  • Dimensions
    138mm x 40mm x 77mm
  • Weight Loaded
    575 g


  • Flash Connection
    Hot Shoe
  • Tripod Socket
    standard 1/4 inch

Image Capture

  • Camera Type
  • Film Type Required
    35mm film

Lens Focus

  • Lens Mount
    Leica M bayonet mount.
  • Focus Area Mode
    Manual focus
  • Compatible Lenses
    Leica M lenses

Exposure Imaging

  • Capture Modes
    manual shutter speed and aperture setting with adjustment using LED light balance.
  • Exposure Metering System
    The light reflected by a metering spot in the center of the 1st shutter curtain is metered.<br />The metering spot has a diameter of 12mm and therefore corresponds to approx. 13% of the full negative format or around 2/3 of the short side of the corr
  • Exposure Metering System
    esponding&nbsp;frame in the viewfinder.
  • Shutter Type
    Focal plane shutter with rubber liner, mechanically controlled
  • Shutter Speed
    Mech. shutter: 1 s - 1/1000 s

Viewing Features

  • Viewfinder
    Large, bright-line rangefinder with automatic parallax compensation


  • Compatible Supply
    2 Silver oxide button cells (PX76/SR44) or 1 Lithium battery (DL1/3N)


Additional Features

  • Underwater Capabilities

Included In The Box

  • Accessories
    <em>■ Supplied accessories may vary by region or by country!</em>

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