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Tamron 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3 Di III RXD Lens for Sony E

MPN: A047


Key Features

  • Lens Type: Telephoto Zoom
  • Aperture Range: f/4.5-6.3 - f/22-32
  • Filter Size: 67mm
  • Mount: Sony E-Mount 35mm Full Frame



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Tamron 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3 Di III RXD Lens for Sony E

Tamron 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3 Di III RXD Lens for Sony E

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From here, let's open the telephoto door.
World's smallest and lightest Telephoto zoom lens for Sony E mount

The 70-300mm F / 4.5-6.3 Di III RXD (Model A047) is a telephoto zoom lens for Sony E-mount designed exclusively for mirrorless cameras, which was created to allow more people to enjoy the telephoto world. While covering a wide telephoto range, its size is 148 mm in length, φ77 mm in maximum diameter, and 545 g in weight, achieving the world's smallest and lightest weight. We are particular about image quality and suppress various aberrations such as chromatic aberration by arranging special glass materials appropriately. You can enjoy high-resolution images and beautiful bokeh unique to telephoto lenses. In addition, the AF drive is equipped with a high-speed, precise stepping motor unit RXD (Rapid eXtra-silent stepping Drive) with excellent quietness. In addition to adopting a simple drip-proof structure, it also supports various camera functions such as "Eye AF". There are various ways to use it, such as shooting landscapes, sports, railroads, and airplanes. It is also useful in scenes where you want to enjoy shooting lightly with your hands, such as portraits, snapshots, and athletic meet. You can also expand the range of expression by taking advantage of the "compression effect" and "pulling effect" that are the characteristics of telephoto lenses. What draws you from the back of the viewfinder is the fun of telephoto shooting. This lens will be the entrance to a new world.

A telephoto world that you can enjoy lightly without a mirror
Tamron was particular about making it compact and lightweight so that you can easily enjoy the 300mm telephoto lens. With a length of 148 mm, a maximum diameter of φ77 mm, and a weight of 545 g, which greatly overturns the image of conventional telephoto lenses, you can fully immerse yourself in shooting without worrying about the size and weight. It is recommended not only for those who are trying full-scale telephoto shooting for the first time, but also for those who want to reduce the weight of luggage by shooting with a camera equipped with in-body camera shake correction or a tripod. In addition, since a good balance can be maintained even in combination with an APS-C size E-mount camera, it is possible to enjoy shooting of approximately 450mm equivalent 2 , which has a greater telephoto effect .
2 APS-C size Mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera 35mm equivalent focal length: 105-450mm

Design with the highest priority on weight reduction and high optical performance
Model A047 uses the latest design technology to carry out optical design based on thorough simulation. Prioritizing miniaturization and weight reduction, the F-number on the telephoto side is set to F6.3 to achieve a slim lens barrel and overwhelming lightness. In order to further reduce the weight, the high-strength Al-Mg alloy 3 with special treatment was first adopted for the mount member for Tamron's full-size mirrorless camera . While maintaining sufficient strength, we have succeeded in reducing the weight by about 68% compared to conventional mounts. The lens configuration is LD (Low Dispersion), which consists of 15 elements in 10 groups with properly arranged lenses. Achieves high image quality while reducing weight with a lens configuration that minimizes waste. Various aberrations such as axial chromatic aberration, which are likely to occur with a telephoto lens, have been suppressed well. The 300mm lens, which is frequently used as a telephoto zoom lens, exhibits high resolution performance from the center of the screen to every corner. Another feature of this lens is the beauty of the bokeh. The soft and beautiful bokeh makes the subject stand out. Tamron's BBAR (Broad-Band Anti-Reflection) coating, which has a reputation for anti-reflection performance, is used to suppress ghost flare. In addition, you can enjoy even higher depiction performance by using the lens correction function of Sony cameras.
3 What is a high-strength Al-Mg alloy: An alloy whose main component is aluminum, which has a high magnesium content.

High-performance AF that does not miss a photo opportunity
The AF drive is equipped with a proprietary stepping motor unit RXD. RXD is an actuator that can precisely control the rotation angle of the motor, and can directly drive the focus lens without going through the reduction gear. In addition to this, by combining a sensor that detects the lens position with high accuracy, high-speed and precise AF is possible. Not only does it accurately capture moving subjects, but it also demonstrates its power when shooting movies. It is also excellent in quietness and is ideal for situations where driving noise is a concern, such as indoor shooting.

Filter diameter φ67mm A variety of photography that you can easily enjoy with the lineup
In order to enjoy the world of mirrorless cameras in a wider range of genres, Tamron has a large number of lenses from ultra-wide-angle to telephoto as a lineup 4 with a filter diameter of φ67 mm for mirrorless cameras . This lens series has a compact and lightweight design suitable for combination with a mirrorless camera, and has a common filter diameter of φ67 mm. In addition to being highly portable even if you carry multiple lenses at the same time, you can share various filters such as PL filters, and you can save the trouble of searching for caps with different diameters when changing lenses, making the entire lineup highly convenient. Demonstrate.
4 Mirrorless filter diameter φ67mm Lineup
Large diameter standard zoom lens

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Technical Characteristics

  • Focal Length
    70mm - 300mm
  • Lens Construction
    15 elements; 10 groups
  • Angle Of View
    34 ° 21'-8 ° 15'
  • Minimum Focusing Distance
    0.8m / 31.5"
  • Maximum Magnification
    1: 9.4 (Wide) / 1: 5.1 (Tele)
  • Filter Size
  • Aperture Range
    f/4.5-6.3 - f/22-32
  • Lens Type
    Telephoto Zoom
  • Mount
    Sony E-Mount 35mm Full Frame
  • Focus Type
    Autofocus, Manual

Physical Characteristics

  • Dimensions
    77 x 148 mm
  • Weight
    545.0 grams
  • Available Colors


Included In The Box

  • Accessories
    <em>■ Supplied accessories may vary by region or country!</em>

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