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MagMod MagBox Pro 42" Octa



Key Features

  • Type: SoftBox
  • Brand: MagMod
  • Compatibility: Speedlight flashes, Strobe


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MagMod MagBox Pro 42" Octa

MagMod MagBox Pro 42" Octa

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MagBox Pro | 42 Octa
If you love soft light, then you’ll love the MagBox Pro 42” Octa. This big new Octabox has time-saving features like the super fast zip on diffuser, integrated built-in storage pocket, magnet attaching honeycomb grid for light control, a simple setup, and integrated gel slot, making it the fastest, easiest and most awesome large octabox for photographers. At a 42” diameter the MagBox Pro 42 Octa gives you the softness you are looking for in a package that is super fast to set up and tear down. Designed to work with speedlights or strobes, the 42 Octa is a super versatile tool that makes switching back and forth between small and large modifiers in the MagMod ecosystem a cinch. Also includes a new upgraded lightweight rip-stop material shell for extra durability. With a softbox this user-friendly, it's never been easier to create beautiful, soft light on your subjects.

The MagBoxPro 42 Octa was optimized to give photographers both the portability of a smaller 36" octabox, as well as the soft light you expect from a larger 48" octabox. The MagBox Pro introduces the octabox perfectly matched for even the most demanding photographers. Not too big, and not too small—the perfect balance.

Key Features:

  • Integrated Built-In Storage Pocket for Diffusion Panel New Super-Fast Zip on Fabric Diffuser
  • Use with Optional Magnetic Grid for Fast and Easy Light Control
  • Durable Lightweight Rip-Stop Material Shell
  • Hassle Free Setup and Teardown
  • Mounts in Seconds to MagRing or Speedring Adaptor
  • Soft Light with Large 42” Diameter
  • Integrated Gel Slot for Instant Colour with MagBox Gels
  • Popular Octa Softbox Shape
  • Silver Reflective Interior
  • Open Obstruction Free Center Design
  • Works with Speedlights or Strobes
  • Perfect for in the studio, at the house or on the go shooting

Size Matters
The MagBox Pro 42 Octa more than doubles the effective lighting area of the original MagBox 24 Octa and, as all photographer knows, size is everything when it comes to soft light. The MagBox Pro 42 Octa was optimized to give photographers both the portability of a smaller 36” octabox, as well as the soft light you expect from a larger 48” octabox. It is equally adept in large studio lighting setups as it is being carried out on location.

The MagBox Pro Grid magnetizes to the MagBox instantly and effortlessly, saving photographers from the annoying and clumsy experience of other velcro-style softboxes.

The instant snap-on sound when the MagBox Pro Grid attaches feels automatic, secure, and is more satisfying than a perfect knuckle crack! The first time you use it, you’ll probably wonder “where have you been all my life?” 

Not only is it easy to use every single time, the MagBox Pro Grid design is beautiful, durable, and even high-tech. The patent-pending design creatively weaves a lightweight fabric with laser-cut precision and thermo-welded magnets around the edge to make the most dialed-in and gorgeous grid design you could ever imagine—all while delivering the light-control goodness photographers expect from a softbox grid.

Finally, form meets function.

Zip-On, Zip-Off
An industry first, the integrated zip-on diffuser on the MagBox Pro is something you kind of have to experience for yourself to truly appreciate. As simple as it sounds, this sweet zip-on zip-off action makes your MagBox totally easy and frustration-free. The first time you try it, you’ll ask yourself “why didn’t I think of that?” 

Want to change up your look and go diffusion free? The zip-off diffuser tucks neatly away into an integrated inside pocket in seconds so you’ll never have to worry about losing your diffuser or figuring out where to store it—it’s always ready to go.

Zip-on diffuser is fast  and frustration free
Stronger and lighter-weight rip-stop fabric
Side zipper makes swapping gels super quick

First Gel-Able Softbox
Before the MagBox, adding colour to a large softbox was next to impossible. The MagBox’s patented design ingeniously adapts gels to larger softbox modifiers for the first time ever, which made it the first  gel-able softbox.

Simply pop one of the rigid MagBox Gels into the frame, and just like that you’ve got a colourful, soft light. A zipper built right in to the side of the MagBox makes it easier for you to swap out the coloured gels during your shoot without removing the diffuser or fabric grid.

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    Speedlight flashes, Strobe
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    <strong>Product Highlights</strong><ul><li>107 cm (42&quot;) Magnetic Octabox</li><li>Removable Front Diffuser</li><li>Speedlite/Strobe &amp; Gel Compatibility</li><li>Obstruction-Free Design</li><li>Dual Speedlite Speedring</li><li>Universal Cold Sh
  • Features
    oe Compatible Handle</li></ul>


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